Silver West Transportation Weddings

We know that weddings are stressful. Especially in today’s times, with a global pandemic and uncertainty. Our professional staff will discuss CDC guidelines, and align them with your precise specifications and suggest vehicles to match.

Our chauffeurs are complete professionals because we understand that sometimes the difference between a bad experience and a good one can be a great driver who’s ready to greet you with a smile and celebrate your special day! Our chauffeurs are specifically trained to be the utmost professionals at every encounter.

At Silver West Executive Transportation, we want to help you forge memories that will last a lifetime, despite the challenges of getting married during a pandemic. Our vehicles are prepped and optimized for photography and offer the perfect setting for scrapbooks, wedding sites and especially social media posts. We have the expertise and vehicle selections to ensure absolute perfection. We are also flexible enough to offer the options you need to maintain complete control of every aspect of your special day, even during pandemic times.